Interview mit Randi Antonsen

Creating and exploring the self through art

"Creating art gives me great pleasure. Sometimes just looking at a color makes me happy. When working to make art, I explore myself and get better acquainted with who I am. I see art in many different levels."



Randi Antonsen, freischaffende Künstlerin, Inderøy/ Norwegen / Norwegen


Hello Randi, you are an independent artist living at the beautiful countryside in Norway, can you tell us something about your life there?


I was born in Harstad, Norway, a very, very northern part of the of the country, and now resides in Inderøy, Nord- Trøndelag. This is a beautiful spot on earth. I love color, nature, and every living and moving creature. I spend my time as an artist in my studio/workspace/gallery where I create and exhibits my art (and other artists artwork, too) and as a high school/upper secondary school art teacher. I have met many great and talented artists via internet – this makes me incredibly thankful. I also have a lot of opportunities for exhibitions and international sales.


Since when did you become an arist and where did you studied?


Perhaps the fact that I grew up on an island far far north where opportunities to experience art was limited. I needed to be creative-I discovered to make pictures when I was very young, spent many hours alone with large pieces of paper that I filled with things, drawing and photography. I created a fantasy world. I went to art school in Oslo when I was very young. Then I became a mother, so I changed direction – took a 4-year teacher education in the arts at Telemark University College. After a few years I continued an education in digital design and art at the University of Tromsø.


What are you favorite themes and where do you find inspiration?


The joy of creation, curiosity to the subject, the value of being able to express myself through the visual..


Which are your favorite techniques, and which is your particular style of creating artwork?


I do not have a favorite medium, I use what I have on hand, examines the mediums and extends these opportunities as far as I can.


Your work has been exhibited across several countries in the world. Where are exhibitions going on next?


My upcoming shows in 2013 are the solo show at the Oppdal Culture Gallery in august, and at the SG Gallery a group exhibition based on the voting Jubilee for Women 1913-2013, June 8 to August 2.


Whose art do you like in particular and would you hang on your wall ?


I like to collect art from my artist friends and artist I meet.


Thank you  very much for the intersting Interview, Randi. I look forward to see more of your new work!


Interview with artefactum, March 2013.





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